Please note that in order to be matched with a child, you must hold at least a current, approved intercountry home study, and, if your dossier is already logged in, you must also have a valid I-800A (US Immigration) approval.

Aging Out: Under China’s adoption law, a child may no longer be adopted after they reach the age of 14. These children are within months of their 14th birthdays and must be adopted ASAP!
Files to Be Returned: CCAI has so far been unable to find an adoptive family for this child and will soon need to return the file to the CCCWA.
Special Focus: These children may be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China.
LID Only: The CCCWA requires that these children be matched to a family with a current dossier in China.
Shared List: These children's files are listed on the CCCWA's Shared List and are viewable by multiple agencies.
Matched Children: Our forever families have found us!
Donate: Be part of a child’s journey home and donate toward his/her adoption! Any amount is appreciated and will go directly to the adoptive family’s program fees. (If a particular child is not placed through CCAI, any donations will be directed to another child in need.)

The children featured on this page are a small percentage of all of the children matched through CCAI! Most Waiting Children are matched directly to their families based on our Medical Conditions Checklist and do not appear online.

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