Child's Code: Xia
Birth Date: 8/31/2013
Gender: Female
Description: This little sweet pea is Xia! You might also recognize her as "Ying". She is a happy 3 year old who loves to play with others. She gets along very well with both children and adults. Her nannies tell us they love her sweet eyes and cheerful smile! She loves to play outside, and she especially loves running around.

Xia’s imitation ability is strong. She has learned to count with an adult, clap, sing, and blow kisses. She can imitate an adult using a spoon, but she does not use it correctly so it is a bit difficult for her to feed herself with it. She can say simple words such as “mama” and “ayi” (nanny), and she babbles sweetly to express her enthusiasm. She reacts to adults and is very cooperative when she needs help.

Please help Xia find her forever family!
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome, Heart disease
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