Nanny Training
nanny training

Early on, CCAI recognized that a lack of child-centered knowledge among the orphanage leadership and caretakers contributed both directly and indirectly to the physical, mental, and/or emotional developmental delays of orphanage children.

To meet the needs of these special children, CCAI started a Childcare Training Team in China. To our knowledge, we are the only adoption agency in the U.S. that can send a Childcare Training Team onsite in response to an orphanage request.

Over the years, the need for this type of training team has only increased. Our team travels around China throughout the year to provide orphanages with essential childcare training, such as therapeutic skills, foster care management, care for children with special needs, and understanding of international adoption procedures.

Each trained nanny that returns to their orphanage then transfers the knowledge gained to other nannies and nurses.

Our charity organization, Children Charity Fund (CCF), also collaborates with China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs to offer childcare training on a larger scale. Each year, CCF invests a major portion of funds to sponsor training for hundreds of head nurses from over 300 orphanages. As these nurses return to their orphanages, they transfer the knowledge gained and touch the lives of thousands of abandoned Chinese children.

Please help us better prepare orphanage and medical staff regarding the specific needs of these special children. For more information, please contact us at or 303-850-9998, extension 17.


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