Colombia Adoption Program

Named for Christopher Columbus, the explorer who claimed much of the New World for Spain in the late 1400s, Colombia is the second most populous and fourth largest country in South America. It’s often referred to as the "gateway to South America" because it sits in the northwestern part of the continent where Central and North America connect with South America. Bordering Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil to the East, West and South, and Panama to the North, it has coastline along both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Colombia is a land of extremes. It has deserts to the north, grasslands to the east, snow-covered volcanoes and mountains in the centrally-located Andes, and tropical beaches along the coast.

Both its economy and culture are diverse, as are its people and landscape. Most citizens are descended from three ethnic groups: Indians, African people brought to Colombia to work as slaves, and European settlers. This rich cultural mix makes the country's cuisine, music, dance, and art diverse and unique.

Colombia's biggest trading partner is the United States, which buys a significant percentage of the country's exports. Colombia sends a variety of items overseas, including coffee, bananas, oil, coal, gold, and platinum. It is also the world’s leading source of emeralds.

The national flower is the orchid, as Colombia has the highest number of orchid species in the world (almost 4,300!). It also ranks first in bird diversity, as Colombia is home to more than 1,930 bird species, or about one fifth of all know bird species on Earth. Of these species, over 80 are only found in Colombia.

Host Older Orphans

Around the world, there are millions of children in orphanages waiting for the love of a forever family. Many of these children have never had, or cannot remember, a normal family life, a warm embrace, a game of catch, or even a family vacation. They may very well not know what it is like to have a loving, caring family.

The good news is that you can make a lasting impact on an orphan’s life through hosting! Hosting allows older orphans, ages five and up, to live with American families for 4-5 weeks over the winter or summer. Hosting helps these children learn everyday social skills, receive an introduction to American culture and English, and experience the meaning of a loving family.

Hosting is a great opportunity to invest your time, energy, and money on a human life who may otherwise never know his or her true value! Hosting will not only change a child’s life forever, but will also change your life in ways you may never have imagined!

CCAI partners with wonderful Christian organizations like P143 who spearhead, organize, and coordinate hosting programs to bring older orphans from Ukraine and Colombia. Currently, P143 and Casa de la Madrey el Niño in Colombia are partnering with CCAI to bringing waiting children and siblings ages 7+ from Colombia and registrations are being accepted now!

For more information on how you can be a part of this life-changing effort, please contact www.P143.org.