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The Shared List is a CCCWA maintained electronic and secure listing of adoptable children with identified medical conditions. “Shared” means that many adoption agencies can see the SAME children’s files simultaneously. As such, there is a possibility for multiple families to be viewing the information for the same child at the same time. Adoption agencies have the ability to secure, or “lock” a child’s file for review by a particular family simply by submitting the family’s name to the CCCWA.

When a file is locked, it disappears from view of all other agencies. This initial lock lasts for 72 hours, during which time the agency must submit an adoptive family’s Letter of Intent, family information, and photos to finalize that lock. If the necessary information is not submitted within 72 hours, the file is “unlocked” and goes back out to the Shared List. An agency may only lock the file of a particular child once.

Waiting Child Adoption Shared List

There are always hundreds of Waiting Child files available on the Shared List at any given time, and the CCCWA adds new files to it on a monthly basis. CCAI staff monitors the Shared List extremely closely for new files that may match our families’ openness. Often families will become aware of a child’s file on the Shared List through a variety of avenues, and we are happy to investigate this possibility for you.