Beyond Adoption

Here at CCAI we believe that the completion of an adoption is just the beginning of our co-responsibility with adoptive parents to offer life-long emotional and cultural support to our adopted children.

CCAI Support & Resources

Adopted children coming from their heritage and culture to a totally new environment may face unique challenges as they adjust and grow. A responsible adoption agency must work shoulder to shoulder with adoptive families to practice the utmost sensitivity to our children’s emotional and cultural needs. Helping our children become educated about and connected with their root culture and heritage, while encouraging and appreciating their cultural curiosity in practical ways can have lifelong benefits.

From the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center, which offers traditional Chinese cultural education to children ages 2 to 16, and XpressYourself, an ideal support group for pre-teens, to Adopteen, a teen-only program for adopted teenagers to seek and find support, understanding, and friendship, and Heritage Tours that take our children back to their homeland, CCAI is dedicated to the total well-being of each and every adopted child as they grow into adulthood.