Higher Education
Older Orphan Kids
Josh, CCAI Co-founder, chats with
newly enrolled students sponsored by CCAI

China’s state-run education system is completely different than our public school system. Every child is not guaranteed a free education up to twelfth grade. Over a decade ago, China changed from a government-subsidized education system to a tuition-based system, making it even harder for academically qualified orphanage children to attend school. With limited government funding, many orphanage directors had to make hard choices on where best to spend their subsidies. Education often became an unattainable goal for many orphans.

Without formal education, particularly in the lower grades, it is near impossible for abandoned children to break the cycle of poverty and master certain occupational skills crucial to their survival and growth in society after they leave their orphanages. Compounding this issue, many teenagers residing in orphanages that did support their early education would be unable to compete for coveted university spots due to the cost to attend college.

Orphans are also entitled to a higher education

To break down the stigmas and bring hope to older orphans who are academically qualified, the Chinese Children Charities Fund (CCF) forged a partnership with the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) in Beijing to launch the Orphan Higher Education Fund in 2008. That year, 17 high school graduate orphans selected from ten orphanages in four provinces received their acceptance letters from Changsha Social Worker College (CSWC).

While the cost to attend is modest by our standards, the $2,000 tuition per year is a huge expense in the eyes of an orphan. In June 2011, we are proud to report that all 17 students graduated and are facing a much brighter future than before.

The potential of such an investment is immeasurable. It has the power to change lives and offer hope and inspiration.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these special students, you can donate online. As a sponsor, you will receive photos and a Life and Study Report every six months from your sponsored student. We can also arrange regular email communication between you and your student or even set up a visit with your student in China.

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