CCCWA/BLAS - CCAI Heritage Tour
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an adoptee of any age free for the main tour?

A: Chinese adopted children must travel with their own parent(s) to qualify for the grant made available by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. Up to three Chinese adopted children per two parent families will be able to enjoy a free in-China heritage main tour when both parents travel. For a single parent family up to two Chinese adopted children will be free for the main tour. Please contact the Heritage Tour Department for further explanation of this policy or to see if your Chinese adopted child (ren) will qualify for the grant.

Q: Does it mean that my/our daughter/son could have her/his own room?

Q: Will the CCCWA/BLAS help us with all of the hotel, flight, orphanage visit and local tour guide arrangement if we want to visit our child’s birth city after the main tour?

Q: I/we have certain food allergies. Will the CCCWA/BLAS tour guides help us with special meal arrangements?

Q: What kind of medical support do you have available during the trip in case I/we need medical help?

Q: If I/we want to arrive in Beijing prior to the main tour or stay a few more days in China after the tour in Guilin/Guangzhou (other than orphanage visit), can CCCWA/BLAS make hotel or flight reservations for me/us?

Q: What are the estimated costs for hugging a toddler panda in Chengdu?

Q: Can our family choose to opt out of a tour one day if we prefer to do something differently?

Q: If my/our child’s orphanage is in one of the cities that we will visit on the Heritage Tour, can we separate from the group for one day to visit the orphanage in that particular city?

Q: Do I/we need to pay any Orphanage Visit fees?

Q: What does the typical tour schedule consist of during the 3-4 day visit to my/our child’s orphanage?

Q: What if I/we want to stay in the orphanage town rather than traveling back to the provincial capital. Is this possible?

Q: Can I/we have more time in my/our child’s orphanage city in addition to the 3-4 day tour?

Q: We have two or more children going on the tour. Can we have one parent go with one child on an orphanage visit and the other parent goes with the other child on the orphanage visit?

Q: Are we going to be put into a large travel group?

Q: I/We personally know other families that are going on this heritage tour. Can you arrange for us to be in the same travel group for the Heritage Tour?

Q: Can I/we join the tour if I/we did not adopt through CCAI?

Q: Can we join the tour if we’re still in the adoption process and waiting for our child match?

Q: Can my/our extended family members or friends travel with me/us?

Q: What is the recommended amount of money to tip your guide?

Q: Does the main tour cost also include the flight back up to Beijing if my/our family does not plan to have an orphanage visit?

Q: What travel documents are needed in order to go on the Heritage tour?

Q: What documents are needed in order to plan an orphanage visit?

Q: Should I bring a gift(s) for my/ our child’s orphanage?

Q: What should I expect on my/ our orphanage visit?

Q: Will CCAI arrange an international group travel itinerary to and from China?

Q: What immunizations or vaccinations are required for China travel?

Q: What size luggage can I bring?

Q: Can I bring liquids in my carry-on bag?

Q: Should I bring electronics and/or my cell phone on the tour?

Q: Can I have my laundry done during the trip?