We are thrilled to announce our new 2017 tour opportunities! Register online by selecting the Registration Tab or by clicking on the blue plus sign next to the tour you would like to attend.

Please click the blue plus sign (+) by each tour schedule and click “Itinerary” to view the itinerary for each tour as well as important cost and payment details.

These tours are open to everyone: CCAI families, non-CCAI families, your friends or relatives. So please spread the word! Over the years our Heritage Tour family has grown to include adoptive families from countries other than the USA as well – the more the merrier! If you are a FCC chapter member in your area, please help us get the word out to FCC communities. Thank you!!!

For any questions about our 2017 tours or to be placed on our email list to find out more information about our future tours, please feel free to email or call 303-850-9998. We look forward to helping your family plan an amazing trip back to China!


Questions? Email or call 303-850-9998 ext 48.