Adoption from China
Adoption from China

More than 100,000 abandoned children from newborn to age seventeen are living a hard life in state- and private-run orphanages across China. Over 95% of these unfortunate children are impacted by minor, major, or multiple physical conditions. As children with medical needs, they are considered totally unadoptable in a culture that has only until recently long rejected the practice of adoption.

However, many of these children are absolutely adoptable and many of their physical conditions are either correctable or manageable through the advanced medical resources readily available in the US.

As the #1 ranked China-focused adoption agency, CCAI has found loving homes for over 2,500 abandoned children with medical needs. Almost on a daily basis adoptive parents tell us: “We wish we had done it earlier.”

Thank you for considering the possibility of bringing home one of these precious children. Your decision may very well change the life of a child who otherwise would never know or feel the love of a family.

Advantages of Adopting from China


China is the international destination from which most US parents adopt their children. The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) has established a structured system that leaves little room for surprises. Paperwork is predictable and manageable. Additionally, as a signatory of the Hague Adoption Convention, adoptions from China must follow Hague adoption procedures.

Equitable Referral Process

For families adopting a child through the Waiting Child Program, the CCCWA offers expedited service to enable these special children to go home quickly. For families adopting a child with no known medical conditions (also known as “non-special needs” or NSN) through the traditional program, the CCCWA processes their application (dossier) and matches them with a child they desire in a fair, “first-in first-out” manner.

Improved Orphan Care

As a result of three decades of economic success, the overall standard of living in China has risen dramatically. This has both directly and indirectly contributed to the continued improvement of orphanages’ ability to care for orphaned and abandoned children. More and more orphanages are also offering a temporary family environment to children through foster care programs.

Reliable Information

The Chinese government and local orphanages highly value their international image and have an effective reporting and processing system to maximize the reliability and accuracy of adoptive children’s information provided to adoptive families. Our more than 20 years of international adoption experience with China has shown us that China is doing a very commendable job.

Finality of Adoption

It is a well-known fact about China adoption that as long as you are qualified and are willing to wait, you WILL receive your child match and bring home a precious child.

Because child abandonment is illegal in China, birth parents leave no trace of their identity. At the time of your child match, China will provide you with a thorough physical examination report, background report and developmental report, as well as color pictures of the child matched to you. During your trip to China, you will receive a certificate of abandonment that proves the biological parents have relinquished their parental rights through abandonment. There is no legal avenue for the birth parents to reclaim custody.

Waiting Children

Today, more children placed from China have identified medical conditions ranging in severity. A qualified and well-prepared adoptive family can be matched in a shorter timeline with a child with special needs through the Waiting Child Program, depending on the specific medical conditions the family is open to.


Families travel only one time to China, with trips lasting on average 14 to 17 days. There is no need for multiple trips and there are seldom circumstances that cause families to stay longer than expected. At least one parent must travel to China to finalize the adoption, but CCAI recommends that both parents make the trip. Accommodations, transportation and adoption appointments are all finalized before families arrive in China. While you are in China, you’ll be served 24 hours a day by a highly professional and personal CCAI representative who speaks English, Mandarin, and the local dialect of your child’s region.


CCAI is a reputable agency with a high standard of financial integrity and professional ethics. Families never need worry about hidden charges or last-minute surprises. In fact, our adoption fees and expenses are very competitive and are disclosed well in advance. China adoption through our agency is widely considered the most affordable adoption program available.